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Library has been set up to provide quality information service and a convenient environment for information access to both students and staff, with a view to supporting learning, teaching and research activities of the Open University of Hong Kong.



Electronic Library

The Electronic Library (http://iwww.lib.ouhk.edu.hk) provides abundant learning resources including databases, electronic journals, electronic books, as well as electronic news, reference resources, past examination papers and supplementary readings. Library users can access the electronic collections anytime anywhere while they are on campus, at home or in office. For an overview on using the Electronic Library, please refer to the "Electronic Library Guide".


The Open University of Hong Kong Libraries


The two campus libraries of the University serve the students and staff with a wide range of collections and services.  


Stanley Ho Library

The Stanley Ho Library is located on Level 1 and Level 2 of the academic buildings on Homantin Campus with more that 400 seats available for study and research. The Library supports the teaching and research activities of the University by providing easy access to local and overseas resources as well as user-friendly multi-media teaching and learning facilities. The Library maintains a diverse collection, and a comprehensive collection on distance education. While users can find print and non-print items on various subjects in the Stanley Ho Library, the collections on Fine Arts and Medicine are located separately at the branch library at Jubilee College.

Please take a look at our Library Virtual Tour to know more about the facilities of the Stanley Ho Library.


Ho Sik Yee Library

The branch library, Ho Sik Yee Library, is located on Level 5 of the Jubilee College with a seating capacity over 280. To meet the teaching and research needs at the Jubilee College and to extend the library services of the Stanley Ho Library, the Ho Sik Yee Library holds the collections of Fine Arts and Medicine. The Library also provides Internet and multi-media facilities to facilitate users to access different types of resources.



Library Projects

Click here to learn more about the Electronic Library Projects and the development of the Collection Sharing and Information Discovery System with Enriched Digital Content (QESS Project).


Contact us



Stanley Ho Library
The Open University of Hong Kong
30 Good Shepherd Street
Ho Man Tin, Kowloon
Hong Kong
(Access via lift no. 6 or no. 9 to 2/F of Kwok Tak Seng Building)

Ho Sik Yee Library
The Open University of Hong Kong
81 Chung Hau Street
Ho Man Tin, Kowloon
Hong Kong
(Access via lift no. 11 or no. 12 to 5/F of Jubilee College)




Information Desk:

2768-6777 (Stanley Ho Library)

Circulation Counter:

2768-6778 (Stanley Ho Library) /
3120-2555 (Ho Sik Yee Library)





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